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Mathematics Requirement

Math courses play a key role in your progress toward a degree in engineering or physics. It is important to be able to take calculus as soon as possible. At SFA there are two primary paths to calculus MTH 233 (TCCN MATH 2413). Either of the paths below will allow you to take calculus as long as you have C's or better.

Path #1 to Calculus
MTH 138 - Algebra (TCCN MATH 1314)
MTH 133 - Trigonometry (TCCN MATH 1316)
MTH 139 - Geometry (TCCN MATH 1348)

Path #2 to Calculus
MTH 140 - Pre-Calculus (TCCN MATH 1412)
Note: Path #2 requires that you have an SAT math score of at least 600 or an ACT math score of 26 or higher.

*TCCN = Texas Common Course Numbering

Math Placement Exams

Math placement exams are offered through the following offices:

  1. Dr. Downing, Department Chair
  2. SFA Testing Services

Department of Physics, Engineering, and Astronomy, P.O. Box 13044 SFA Station, Nacogdoches, TX 75962-3044 - Office: (936)468-3001
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