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Requirements for the Freshman Scholarship

There are two different programs of study that lead to a physics degree from SFA. You must intend to follow one of these programs to be eligible for a Physics/Astronomy Freshman Scholarship.

Physics Program

The first is the standard physics program where in about four years of time you get 36 hours of physics and generally 21 hours of mathematics to complete a BS degree with a major in physics and a minor in mathematics. [ Learn More ]

Physics and Engineering Degree (Dual Degree)

The other program is referred to as the dual degree program. In it you complete 31 hours of physics at SFA and also about 21 hours of mathematics. (This takes around 3 years.) Then you transfer to an engineering school where you complete the engineering school’s requirements for an engineering degree. (This takes about 2 years.) In the meantime, when you have completed 130 hours of college credit (from both colleges combined) and also completed 5-6 hours of advanced engineering, then SFA will award you a BS degree in physics. Thus the dual degree student ultimately receives two degrees, one in physics from SFA and one in engineering from the engineering school he/she attends. [ Learn More ]

Engineering Physics Program

This 4-year Bachelor of Science Degree is designed for students seeking innovative careers in high-tech areas where multiple engineering disciplines merge. [ Learn More ]

To qualify for one of our scholarships, you have to start out in one of these programs and it must be very clear in your application what your intent is. For statistical reasons you must declare physics or engineering physics, not pre-engineering, as your major at SFA.

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